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New album: Live percussion & electronics works 2021-2023 ->

Hyper City Garden

Reshare is appreciated, thank you.

My 11th album presents the current state of works with live percussion in conjunction with live electronics (2021-2023) in 9 segments.
Quick music, quickly changing at times.
It's alive, and there is fighting.

Dedicated to and supporting Marina 122, an artist house in Barcelona. Fine souls hosted me there to work on Hyper City Garden and other projects twice.
The city demolishes the place now, as we speak.

Resist and Enjoy

#extramusic #hypercity #gardenmusic #marina122 #resist #othermusic

Artwork "Hyper City Garden - by Ropinsky. It shows a ball of parcel string, grainy fibres intertwined. The artwork also has a smell, humid, summery, half shade, avocado trees, palms, cactus, a marble pool nearby, a smell of water, and subtropical blooms cheerfully stun the nose, too.

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